[asterisk-ss7] isup sls bug (isup.c)

Matthew Fredrickson creslin at digium.com
Tue May 15 12:15:20 MST 2007

On May 15, 2007, at 3:38 AM, sai jayram AKV wrote:

> hi.
> There is a mistake in isup_send_message function of isup.c
> rl.sls is assigned sls_next(ss7), assuming there are 16 signaling
> links amd sls in incrementsd one after other.
> There will be a problem if the number of signaling links are less than 
> 16.
> sls_next may be modified so that 16 is replaced by numlinks.

I have seen many different possible ways of doing this.  I have not 
seen a good answer yet for how this works.  It Q.763, it says in the 
spec under section 1.1 (routing label) that the "SLS bits are set to 
the four least significant bits of the CIC".  Can you point to a 
specification or document that can verify your recommendation?

It is not exactly correct the way it is written right now.  For ANSI 
networks, it doesn't do SLS balancing properly across all possible 
values, and for ITU, it maybe that it need be changed to follow what 
the ITU recommendation says, instead of the cross ANSI/ITU mix I have 

Matthew Fredrickson

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