[asterisk-ss7] performance of libss7 on load

sai jayram AKV saijayram at gmail.com
Wed May 9 07:28:56 MST 2007


I have downloaded libss7 stack from digium site 2 days ago and successfully
ported on our custom built card and interfaced to asterisk.

I would like to thank all contributors for such a wonderful piece of code.
The source code is pretty neat and we could port in a days time.

Did any one do any performance analysis on ss7 stack..?

I have simulated some error conditions to create sequence number mismatch
and observed that ss7 link goes to idle state. The recovery mechanism doesnt
Also, did any one try load testing on link..? our system should be designed
to handle 200,000 calls an hour for IVR application. can the stack handle so
much of load..?


A.K.V.Sai jayram
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