[asterisk-ss7] libss7 CGU / CGUA type funnies

Charl Barnard charl at molo.co.za
Tue Mar 27 06:08:14 MST 2007

> cgb) use the same underlying type.  Also I just committed a 
> fix for the original problem.  If you could test it out to 
> see if it fixes your problem and report back I would 
> appreciate it.  You're going to have to update
> libss7 and asterisk for it to work, since changes were 
> required to both parts.
> Matthew Fredrickson

Hi Matthew,

Thanks - tested, and working fine; much appreciated! Next test that fails
this operators' criteria was sending of the Address Incomplete Message (I
think chan_ss7 uses AST_CAUSE_INVALID_NUMBER_FORMAT, timer t35), but I'm
sure we'll get that implemented in good time ;-)



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