[asterisk-ss7] ISUP Debugging HOWTO

Ercan Yücebas ercan at goldenphone.ch
Thu Mar 22 13:35:44 MST 2007

Dear Kristian

It helped me too much, now i'm realy sure that my chan_ss7 doesn't send
ACM after an IAM. It just sending directly CPG Alerting.

This behaviour isn't in ITU standarts and therefore the incumbend
telecom operator here in Switzerland rejects there calls and sends
inmediatelly an REL. chan_ss7 answers to that with an RLC as also

So I have to find out now, under which conditions chan_ss7 wants to send
an ACM etc......

Thanks again a lot


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Ercan Yücebas <ercan at goldenphone.ch> writes:

> I need to find out what is happening here with ss7 signaling. How can
> just debug the isup signalling messages?

   ss7 dump start isup-debug.log both msu

See here for more info:


 - Kristian.

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