[asterisk-ss7] Re: Turning up A-Links

Anton anton.vazir at gmail.com
Tue Jan 30 11:43:40 MST 2007

On 30 January 2007 19:16, Kristian Nielsen wrote:
> "Jorge Churio" <jorge.churio at globant.com> writes:
> > Current asterisk SS7 implementations (both chan_ss7 and
> > libSS7) only supports fully associated signaling that
> > means signaling links must be in the same E1/T1 as
> > bearer. No matter what type of link you are dealing
> > with (usually A or F ones).
> Well, in chan_ss7 you should be able to configure one E1
> with only a signalling link, and another as the bearer.
> But you do need at least one signalling link per chan_ss7
> box.

I'm running a production box, which have 7 signalling links 
to different telco's with all 8 spans in use, that means if 
i will need to add a span to any of current telco - i'll 
have to move all it's E1's to a different box. That would 
be great to be able to have a different chan_ss7 BOX 
running asterisk but be using a signalling link going from 
different chan_ss7 box over a TCP connection than the whole 
system will be greatly scalable.

> > The main limitation for this configuration is that you
> > can not have multiple asterisk boxes attached to a pair
> > of signaling links, your asterisk switch is the
> > limitated to how many trunks you can install in a
> > single box. channSS7 has made some great job allowing
> > clusterization but still limits the possible
> > configuration schemes.
> > This configuration imposes a constrain specially when
> > you connect with public switches, usually telcos uses
> > non associated signaling and some sort of ISUP
> > redundancy.
> Yes.
> I would be interested in hearing about how big of a
> restriction this is in practise?
> If we put two quad-E1 cards in each of two boxes set up
> in a cluster configuration, that is already 123*4 = 492
> bearer channels (reserving two for signalling). So with
> redundancy, in a failover scenario one signalling link
> would be serving around 500 bearer channels.
> Is that a limitation in practise? How many bearer
> channels can one reasonably run on a single signalling
> link? Also wonder if it is possible to put in more
> bearers in a single box?
>  - Kristian.

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