[asterisk-ss7] MTP2 CRC error (CRC=0x74b0 != 0xf0b8) on link 'g1'.

Mitul Limbani mitul at enterux.com
Wed Jan 24 05:31:52 MST 2007

Hello Kai,

On 16.01.2007 22:15, Mitul Limbani wrote:

> I had a very similar problem with a system with a TE210P and was
> struggling quite some time to get behind it. It finally turned out that
> my card was broken. I changed the card and the CRC-Problems were gone.
> (See my mail from 07/07/06 with the subject "[asterisk-ss7] Strange
> interrupt issue with zaptel and chan_ss7" and following mails)

> I think (if I am wrong please correct me) the reason that this happens
> quite often with chan_ss7 is, that in SS7 one channel (time slot) is
> used with its complete bandwidth of 64k all the time to do the
> signaling. IIRC that is not the case in PRIs, so it is possible that
> more cards are broken, but the problem simply does not show because of
> less used bandwidth.

How did you solve the proble, coz after that particular thread, I saw 
that you tried different options like putting up AMD box instead of P4 
and after which you tried a different card.

Already i tried to replicate the entire setup on an identical IBM X 
Series P4 Xeon Server, with the same card, but same errors.
Earlier, atleast i was able to place a few calls after ss7 link comes up.
but currently after exactly 5 seconds of lines coming up, i get 
"BLOCKED Remote Hardware" and none of the channels are available to 
place any calls.

At this point, I am really very very confused on what should be my next 
step :)

A) Either replace the Machine with AMD Box ?
B) Replace TE110P with TE210P ?
C) Do Both ?

Your feedback on this would be highly appreciable, in case Sifira Guys 
are tracking the thread, they can provide their valuable response which 
can help me solve the issue.

I am surely going to put up a blog on http://asterisk.pbx.in/ after 
this thing gets solved.

Looking forward to hear from the fellow list members,

Thanks & Regards,
Mitul Limbani,
Founder & CEO,
Enterux Solutions,
The Enterprise Linux Company (TM),

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