[asterisk-ss7] MTP2 CRC error (CRC=0x74b0 != 0xf0b8) on link 'g1'.

Kai Militzer km at westend.com
Wed Jan 17 00:50:38 MST 2007

Hello Mitul,

On 16.01.2007 22:15, Mitul Limbani wrote:


> after which i thought to degrade to chan_ss7-0.8.4.tar.gz, and voila, my
> calls started maturing, but still, I keep on seeing the following on CLI
> ALL the while
> -------------------------------------------------------------------
> Jan 16 21:33:51 NOTICE[9731]: mtp.c:1227 mtp2_read_su: MTP2 CRC error
> (CRC=0x74b0 != 0xf0b8) on link 'g1'.


> I would like to know if any one faced this, i also surfed through
> archives, but that issue was pertaining to some IRQ issues but my
> machine has seperate IRQ for my TE110P card.

I had a very similar problem with a system with a TE210P and was
struggling quite some time to get behind it. It finally turned out that
my card was broken. I changed the card and the CRC-Problems were gone.
(See my mail from 07/07/06 with the subject "[asterisk-ss7] Strange
interrupt issue with zaptel and chan_ss7" and following mails)

I think (if I am wrong please correct me) the reason that this happens
quite often with chan_ss7 is, that in SS7 one channel (time slot) is
used with its complete bandwidth of 64k all the time to do the
signaling. IIRC that is not the case in PRIs, so it is possible that
more cards are broken, but the problem simply does not show because of
less used bandwidth.

Just my .02$


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