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Kristian Nielsen knielsen at mysql.com
Thu Jan 4 05:36:26 MST 2007

yusuf <yusuf at ecntelecoms.com> writes:

> So today I started getting to know chan_ss7.  The issue is I want to
> test chan_ss7, but I only have 1 Asterisk box and 1 4-port Diiagium E1
> card.  I want to know, and please understand my ignorance of ss7 :),
> if I only have 1 box, with a Digium 4 port E1 card, and I want to dial
> out on port1 and recieve the call on port2, do I configure two links
> with one linkset, or two seperate linksets (I am following the
> templates)

In case this does not work (not sure if chan_ss7 supports multiple point
codes, as would seem to be needed for this), there is another option: Run two
instances of Asterisk on the same box.

This would require a bit of skill in compiling and setting up Asterisk
properly in two separate directories and with different ports etc. to avoid
conflicts. But once you get the two Asterisk processes running and talking to
each other with eg. SIP or AIX, it should be simple to configure chan_ss7 on
each Asterisk instance as per the Wiki docs (using separate ports on the E1
card of course), and things should work the same as using two separate hosts.

(Disclaimer: I never actually tried the above).

 - Kristian.

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