[asterisk-ss7] waiting for ACM or CON CIC=30

Goke Aruna goksie at gmail.com
Mon Feb 26 12:49:39 MST 2007

hello all,

i have installation of asterisk-1.2.15 with zaptel-1.13 with chan_ss7-0.9.

I have my ss7.conf as below.
enabled => yes
enable_st => no
use_connect => yes
hunting_policy => even_mru
subservice => auto
language => en
context => default

linkset => syncra
channels => 1-15,17-31
schannel => 16
firstcic => 1
enabled => yes

enabled => yes
opc => 1390
dpc => syncra:1312
links => l1:1

If i make call to the asterisk from sip or iax i get good audio, but
after waiting for the t7 timer of 25 secs the call is dropped with this

l4isup.c:868 t7_timeout: T7 timeout (waiting for ACM or CON) CIC=30.

If i made the call i get good audio, however, the call only lasted the
for mostly 25 secs period of t7_timeout.

and on my Master.csv.  I get the call as  "NO ANSWER" .

please what parameter can i toggle with to increase the t7 timer and to
make the call disposition to be ANSWERED as long as the call lasted more
than 20secs.


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