[asterisk-ss7] Two libss7 questions, and, HELP!

Charl Barnard charl at molo.co.za
Tue Apr 10 11:52:14 MST 2007

Hi All,
Since the last patch has been applied to allow a second voice trunk with no
signaling trunk (r78) has been committed, I've not been able to get a
working version of Asterisk with libss7 running again, with * segfaulting
when chan_zap.so gets loaded.
Is there a well-known recipe I can follow to replicate the development
(working) setup? Such as get zap trunk, libss7 trunk, asterisk trunk, or
whatever versions of those, that I can install, and get back running again?
I suspect some interdependency between these components that I'm not able to
concoct the magic brew of again to get a running config? And this without
the second voice trunk, yet ..
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