[asterisk-ss7] Some Feature-Questions.

asterisk at nicox.org asterisk at nicox.org
Wed Nov 22 08:23:07 MST 2006


I have some feature-questions.

I have one Asterisk Box with SS7 and 4 E1 Ports.
i have one Telco with 4 Routings, a a high quality routing, a quality 
Routing a cheap routing and a cheaper routing.
The telco did not give me 4 SS7 Signalling Links.
Is it Possible to get this running with chan_ss7 or libss7?

I have 2 Asterisk boxes and one SS7-Signalling Link, is it possible to 
make the signalling for the second box with the Signalling link on the 
first Box?

Thanks a lot for your help


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