[asterisk-ss7] National international

Kristian Nielsen knielsen at mysql.com
Thu Nov 16 08:24:37 MST 2006

asterisk at nicox.org writes:

> Is it possible to set the format of the CallerID, national or
> International on outgoing calls per call?

In chan_ss7, there is some code to handle this.

Check isup_phonenum_check() in l4isup.c and decode_isup_phonenum() in isup.c
(chan_ss7 version 0.9, file names may differ in earlier versions).

Basically, if the number starts with "+" or "00", it will be interpreted as an
international number, and be encoded appropriately as international.

Likewise, chan_ss7 will report callerid to Asterisk with leading "00" for a
number encoded as international.

About setting national/international nature on a link (as opposed to an isup
encoded number), I'm not sure.

Hope this helps,

 - Kristian.

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