[asterisk-ss7] Version 0.9 of chan_ss7 for asterisk released

Jakub Klausa j.klausa at ss7.pl
Thu Nov 2 03:25:12 MST 2006

On Mon, Oct 30, 2006 at 04:37:44PM +0100, Silas Bendix wrote:

=> Version 0.9 of chan_ss7 for asterisk released.

First, thanks a lot for the guys at Sifira for the work on chan_ss7. 

We, at ss7.pl wrote some patches for chan_ss7, to make life with it a bit
easier ;)

Here's what you get:

manhattan*CLI> help ss7
             ss7 send grs  Reset link circuits
           ss7 show links  Show linksets and link names
          ss7 show uptime  Show linksets uptime

Those new commands work like this:

manhattan*CLI> ss7 show uptime
Linkset test restarted at Thu Nov  2 10:31:03 2006
Uptime on linkset test is  1 minute 55 seconds

manhattan*CLI> ss7 show links
Number of linksets: 1.
Linkset 1 name is: test.
        Number of links in linkset: 2.
        Link number 1 name is: l1
        Link number 2 name is: l2

manhattan*CLI> ss7 send grs l1
Nov  2 10:33:07 NOTICE[3556]: l4isup.c:3858 cmd_send_grs: Sending GROUP
RESET messages on link 'l1'.

Note, the 'ss7 send grs' command works diffrent from the 'ss7 reset' command
from stock chan_ss7 - it resets the circuits on a single span, not all of
them at once.

You can find the patch here:


To apply it to your copy of chan_ss7, move all the files from a stock
chan_ss7 to a directory called 'chan_ss7', move the patch file to higner
level directory, and run the following command:

patch < chan_ss7-0.9.patch

After that, proceed like you did before with the clean copy of chan_ss7.

If you have any questions - drop me a note.

Jakub Klausa | j.klausa at ss7.pl | http://www.ss7.pl/ 
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