[asterisk-ss7] Some sessions hangs. Is it possible with SS7

Storer, Darren darren.storer at gmail.com
Fri May 12 16:01:47 MST 2006

Hi Anton,

the state of CICs can become unsynchronised between SS7 nodes although it
doesn't happen too often. Sometimes Node A thinks that a particular CIC is
"In Service Free" whilst Node B thinks that Node A didn't handle the last
call correctly and places the same CIC into a blocked state at a higher
application layer.

When this situation occurs we normally use MML to "flex" the CICs by
manually taking each suspect CIC out of service and then returning it back
to service. I have seen that chan_ss7 appears to support these maintenance
messages but I haven't used them myself.

When an SS7 node is started for the first time (cold start) it has no
knowledge of the state of the CICs as maintained by another SS7 node that it
is connected to. To synchronise the state of the CICs after a cold start it
is common to see many block and unblock messages (including Circuit Group
Resets) after the signalling links are aligned but before the route starts
to handle live traffic.



On 12/05/06, Anton <anton.vazir at gmail.com> wrote:
> Guys,
> Does anyone know, if it is possible for timeslots to hang, with SS7
> signalling?
> For example if REL message is missing (did not received in time by
> Asterisk) -
> would the accured timeslot hang (be active on Asterisk side, but
> released in the TELCO side?) I've strange issues with one of my telco's.
> The sessions just timed out, and released by the Asterisk itself, since
> there
> is 3600s duration limit.
> Any help is highly appreciated!
> ,"SS7/15","IAX2/axsoftsw1-16389","Hangup","","2006-04-21
> 23:04:54","2006-04-21 23:05:00","2006-04-22
> 00:04:59",3605,3599,"ANSWERED","DOCUMENTATION"
> ,"SS7/19","IAX2/axsoftsw1-16392","Hangup","","2006-04-21
> 23:05:23","2006-04-21 23:05:29","2006-04-22
> 00:05:28",3605,3599,"ANSWERED","DOCUMENTATION"
> ,"SS7/11","IAX2/axsoftsw1-16393","Hangup","","2006-04-21
> 23:46:00","2006-04-21 23:46:07","2006-04-22
> 00:46:07",3607,3600,"ANSWERED","DOCUMENTATION"
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Darren Storer
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