[asterisk-ss7] RE: ISUP via Media Gateways: A project andpossible bounty

Luciano Ramos lramos at telviso.com.ar
Fri May 12 13:54:39 MST 2006

Also, you can't use SIP-T to interconnect the AS53xx to the Asterisk box,
basically because SIP-T doesn't carry all the information from the lower
layers of the SS7 Stacks (eg, CIC number, etc.. )





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> is that whether or not the SIP code within Asterisk can 
> handle 3rd part 
> call control; if this is the case, then life is much easier: 
> the Cisco 
> can be controlled as a UA, encapsulating the ISUP messages in SIP 
> envelops sent over to Asterisk. 

I don't believe you can do it (use SIP-T encapsulation?) without using Cisco
PGW. The gateway can not process ISUP on its own. You will have to use

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