[asterisk-ss7] asterisk segfault while working with chan_ss7

Anton anton.vazir at gmail.com
Wed May 10 04:22:54 MST 2006

I'm experiencing a segfault of the Asterisk server while working on the production PC. While 
segfault is not inside the chan_ss7, this segfault somehow binded with it, because codec_alaw is 
receiving the BAD frame, on which it segfault's eventually. (roughly once in 24 hours - depends on the load)
The following just does not allowing asterisk server to segfault. But BAD frame generation should be cured 
somehow differently.

codec_alaw.c in the procedure alawtolin_framein

  /* Reset ssindex and signal to frame's specified values */
  b = f->data;
  if( !b ) {
   ast_frame_dump("SEGFAULTING FRAME FRAME", f, "CODEC_ALAW");

   return 0;

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