[asterisk-ss7] Re: asterisk-ss7 Digest, Vol 15, Issue 1

Michael Tan telonix at gmail.com
Sun May 7 05:39:14 MST 2006

Dear Mr. Jacob and the Sifira team

chan_ss7 is a great project and it is progressing at a great pace.

I am sure that soon it will catch-up PRI functionality available for
asterisk. chan_ss7 is a great advantage to asterisk acceptance in the
carrier world.

We have been using chan_ss7 since its first launch of ver 0.3. And we
are successfully using it in our production system with 4 E1 then and now we
have added another 4 E1s making it all together 8 E1.

We have around 4500 very cooperative registered SIP, IAX and OOH323 users
and around 2500 concurrently connected users.

Its running very  very stable and I also patched the latest 0.8.3d patch
as well. We have up to 242 users using chan_ss7 during peak hours.

We have only one last issue that some time from PSTN end the ringing tone
disappears. (May be some SS7 timers issues).

Our system is a good reference for Sifira team please feel free if I can be
of any help to test and try various options on our system

Like we have to separate SS7 links on two boxes connected via IAX etc. etc.

Looking forward for the release of 0.8.4 version :)


Michael Tan



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> Subject: RE: [asterisk-ss7] asterisk oh323 - chan-ss7 echo problem
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> On Fri, 28 Apr 2006, Luciano Ramos wrote:
> > I've checked the source code of chan_ss7.c and it doesn't have any calls
> to
> > turn the echo canceller on, is any workaround available in the meantime
> the
> > next release of chan_ss7 is released?
> Well.. chan_ss7-0.8.4 is not official yet, but attached to this mail is a
> patch. It includes the echo-cancellation + a fix for the T1-timer crash.
> The patch require a small modification to your ss7.conf file.
> For each [link-XXX] section, add the following three lines:
> ; echocancel: allways | 31speech | no
> echocancel=allways
> ; echocan_taps: 32 | 64 | 128 | 256
> echocan_taps=32
> ; echocan_train: between 10ms and 1000ms
> echocan_train=350
> The "echocancel=31speech" should be used if you only want to enable
> echo-cancellation on 3.1KHz speech calls.
> Mvh. Jacob
> --
> Jacob Tinning
> System Developer                                           SIFIRA A/S
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