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Hi all,
Thank you for the reply.
I didn't want to bother the list too much. However, after reading I discover
I don’t have a clear cut way of doing transcoding.
Can somebody direct me to where I can get document to get this transcoding
My set up
>From [cisco (g729)] ----> [asterisk (sip channel(g729)within the same
asterisk) g711 to chan_ss7] -----> [pstn] 
And vice versa.
I will be glad if someone can throw more light on this for me.
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> Is it possible to set codecs on ss7 link?
No. E1s channels (which chan_ss7 uses as voice channels) can only use 
G711 alaw.
> Or receiving call with g723 or g729 and forward the call to pstn via the
> link.
You can do transcoding on the asterisk machine that you use as SS7 
Gateway. This means you get the calls delivered via SIP with G723 and 
send them out to SS7 with G711. Note that you need more processingpower 
for this then if you do no transcoding.
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