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MTP3 -> Service indicator
SCCP -> SSN remote ss7
TCAP -> SSN local database

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On Mon, 20 Mar 2006 steve at astcode.com wrote:

>  can any one help me in in this confusion "does chan_ss7 use A links
or F  Links ?"

 chan_ss7 is typically used like this:

 STP --------- SEP (Asterisk / chan_ss7)    One signalling link

 STP ---------
             SEP (Asterisk / chan_ss7)       Two signalling links
 STP ---------

As far as I undestand, A links are the links from STP to SEP in the
ascii-drawings above. So chan_ss7 uses A links for sure.

 chan_ss7 can also work in a cluster:

 STP ------- SEP (Asterisk / chan_ss7)
 STP ------- SEP (Asterisk / chan_ss7)

 Now, the links between an STP and SEP are still A-links, but I think
 the interconnect between the two SEP's can be considered an F link.

 The interconnect is typically a crossed ethernet connection though, so
 I don't know if it can be fully qualified as an F link according to the

Mvh. Jacob

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