[asterisk-ss7] Error in t1_timeout (arg=0x8180078) at chan_ss7.c:765 makes asterisk crash

Kai Militzer km at westend.com
Wed Mar 22 07:31:24 MST 2006

Hello Kristian and rest,

Kristian Nielsen wrote:
> For a quick fix, try moving the this line in process_acm():
>   t9_start(chan);
> down to after this code, which checks for a NULL chan:
>   if(chan == NULL) {
>     ast_log(LOG_NOTICE, "Missing chan pointer for CIC=%d, processing ACM?!?\n", pvt->cic);
>     return;
>   }
> that should fix the crash, though I think the code is still not quite
> right (ie. no need to reset the circuit in this case).

> Would be great if you could try this change and send us the next crash!

That helped. I wasn't able to get it crashing again, but I'll try to 
find something else ... ;)

> BTW, nice problem reports with backtraces and everything ...

You are welcome ... I want a usable version of chan_ss7 at the end of 
june because I need to go into production then ;)

> Incidentally, I wonder if you are making calls faster than a single E1
> signalling time slot can handle? In any case it's very good that you
> do, you've already found us two crashing bugs :-).

What I do to test is the following:

I have an asterisk that dials out via iax to the asterisk with the ss7 
which then dials out via ss7 to another external ss7 gateway which then 
connects to another asterisk that starts an echo application. I start 
this call with a .call file (or better: 60 of them) that I copy into the 
spool dir. When the call is connected, I start playback of a MP3 file 
via the dialplan. Because of this I have 60 parallel calls starting at 
once. This is not what you will have in real life, but it helps to find 
bugs and gives me an idea of what the max load is that my system can handle.

If you have any other ideas how/what else I can test, I am happy to give 
it a try.

Best regards,

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