[asterisk-ss7] Error in t1_timeout (arg=0x8180078) at chan_ss7.c:765 makes asterisk crash

Kai Militzer km at westend.com
Wed Mar 22 03:38:41 MST 2006


sorry for taking so long to give a feedback to this, but thanks to a 
fibercut I wasn't able to reach my ss7 test system yesterday. :(

I made the changes suggested and changed the one line in chan_ss7.c to

isup_send_rel(pvt, pvt->hangupcause);

But my asterisk still crashed for a lot of simultaneous outgoing calls.

gdb backtrace says:

#0  0x408622ac in t9_start (chan=0x0) at chan_ss7.c:903
#1  0x4086664f in process_acm (pvt=0x817d7f0, inmsg=0xbd1ffa34)
     at chan_ss7.c:2337
#2  0x40865e5c in process_circuit_message (slink=0x40889600, 
     handler=0x4086661f <process_acm>) at chan_ss7.c:2156
#3  0x40868931 in process_isup_message (slink=0x40889600, inmsg=0xbd1ffa34)
     at chan_ss7.c:3087
#4  0x40869180 in monitor_main (data=0x0) at chan_ss7.c:3303
#5  0x40027e51 in pthread_start_thread () from /lib/libpthread.so.0
#6  0x401ef92a in clone () from /lib/libc.so.6

The last words of asterisk were:
Mar 22 11:30:48 DEBUG[30288]: chan_ss7.c:3075 process_isup_message: 
processing ISUP message, typ=ACM, CIC=20

I add a etherealdump of the calls to this mail.

In my opinion there is a generyl problem with the handling of the 
timeouts, but I could be wrong.


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