[asterisk-ss7] My experiences with chan_ss7, appreciation, a question and clarification

Kai Militzer km at westend.com
Mon Mar 20 02:10:23 MST 2006

Hello Goksie,


> However, I need to set up numbers on my 120 usable channels so that when
> call hit asterisk from my sip and iax callers the numbers on the e1 ss7
> channels will be displaying instead of the unrecongnised number the sip and
> iax users are using.

I don't know your national numbering plan, but if there is usually a 0 
befor the arear code you MUST NOT use it in your callerID. Also note 
that you have to always add the area code to your callerID as well as 
the called number. To make chan_ss7 handle the number (ID and called) as 
international just add 00<Countrycode> in front.

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