[asterisk-ss7] Version 0.8.3 of chan_ss7 for asterisk released

Kai Militzer km at westend.com
Fri Mar 17 07:47:52 MST 2006

Hello everyone!

At first I would like to thank the folks at sifira for finaly taking the 
t35 handling for overlap dialing into the code. ;)

Anders Baekgaard wrote:
> As a work-around to support overlapped dialling without the use of the dial 
> plan to determine when the dialled number is complete, a configuration option 
> t35 is introduced. For example,
>   t35 => 4000,st
> means that the T35 timer has a value of 4000 msecs, and when it times out, an 
> "end-of-pulsing" signal is assumed, and that completes the dialled number.

What is implented right now only works partly. I attach a patch to this 
mail, which adds the wanted feature ...

Best regards,

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