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Tim Danner tdanner at pacwest.com
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SUS means suspend, till a resume (RES).  They both originate from a
line.  This is normally by flash calls, instead of hang up.

Suspend the entire trunk path, to allow a third party call or place on
hold (to be brought on line).

Resume the call once established.

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Hi Group,

I want to asked if someone has successfully
interconnected asterisk to a telco switch via SS7
using the chan_ss7? I was able set-up it successfully
and interconnect it with a DMS Nortel switch. Also the
quality is indeed perfect. But may issue is on the
billing (CDR). In a call set up wherein the caller is
on the asterisk side and the called party is on the
DMS side, my circuit is not being release even though
the called party already hungs-up the phone. I know
that SUS will be send by the DMS to the asterisk, but
SUS has not been included yet so it seems that
asterisk dont know that to do next. Circuit is only
being release if the calling party hungs-up the phone.
Also, another issue that I have notice is that there
is no ring back tone receive by the caller. This is
only on a call setup where the caller is on the DMS
side and the called party is on the asterisk side. I
try to apply the RBT patch posted on the voip-info but
it wasnt successfull.

Any help and suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Leonimar Cape

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