[asterisk-ss7] Two OPCs

email_de_tomas_peralta_tormey-ss7 at yahoo.com.ar email_de_tomas_peralta_tormey-ss7 at yahoo.com.ar
Thu Jun 29 14:08:33 MST 2006

Good day:
A few days I need to interconnect two linksets (using
a 4 E1s Digium card) using the same host (same
The only way I find to make the chan_ss7 talk with
himself, was using two instances of Asterisk; with
diferent configuration folders (and others related
If you need it, I could send you the configuration I
am using.

Greetings, Tomás.

 --- Tawanda Charles Bwanya <tawandac at gmail.com>

> Can I use two opcs on the same server ?
> I need to terminate a 2nd link with its own PC.
> thanks
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