[asterisk-ss7] Double Ring on Asterisk 1.2.x

asterisk at nicox.org asterisk at nicox.org
Mon Jul 24 14:15:08 MST 2006

I have a problem with the ringing on a Asterisk 1.2.x and a Digium TE410 
and TE411P.

if i Dial without any dial parameter through a Zaptel channel i hear the 
ringing from the telco and the ringing generated from asterisk.

If i Dial through the Zaptel with Parameter "r" i get the ringing from 
asterisk, but its always the same, and not the correct ringing of india 
(in example), also i get no messages like, the number you dialed is not 

If i Answer the call before i dial out the ringing is okay and the 
messages are okay, but the cdr's aren't.

did anybody know this problem?

i hope for a fast and good solution.

thanks a lot


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