[asterisk-ss7] chan_ss7 connected to a telco

Kai Militzer km at westend.com
Mon Jul 24 06:01:15 MST 2006

Hello Harry,

My experiences are as followed:

harry gaillac wrote:
> SS7 protocols:
> MTP layers 1-3

The MTP-Layer seems to be implented fully. At least to Layer 2, not sure 
about Layer 3, but I don't use things as failover, so I cannot tell for 

ISUP is not completely implemented. The most message types/features are 
there and working, but AFAIK some things are not there, but also nothing 
that I would need. When I first tried chan_ss7 in late 2005, there 
wasn't an implemantation of CCR test, but we let that implement by a 
developer and since then all features that we need are there.

> Basic calls :
> inbound-outbound

Work as they should. Nothing much to say about that.

> Supplementary services:
> Redirecting number

I think it got transmited, but I am not sure, if this gets somehow into 
other channel types like SIP.


The calling number is always in ISUP messages. Only if one bit is set, 
you must not show it to the end point (the user). Asterisk with chan_ss7 
can set this bit. I don't know if COLP works. Never testes this.

> Network configuration:
> SEP functionality
> Connection to other SEP or STP

Never done anything into that direction, so I cannot tell.

In overall I can say, that it works stable since about four month in a 
friendly-user test.


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