[asterisk-ss7] Strange interrupt issue with zaptel and chan_ss7

Paul Cadach paul at odt.east.telecom.kz
Thu Jul 13 04:17:45 MST 2006


Kai Militzer wrote:
> > The strange behavior between P4 and AMD could be because of slightly
> > different bus timings on the PCI bus and a faulty card which barely made
> > the pci specs.
> Are you saying that the digium cards are general a bad quality?

There is so many, many PCI implementations to support and test interoperability
with all existing motherboard.

For example, I have regular PCI board (without Digium's PCI bridge) which isn't
work on Intel 440 BX/ZX motherboard but works pretty well in newer Intel server
platform (I don't remember chipset/motherboard model exactly).

So, incompatibilities with some sort of hardware (including motherboard/chipset)
isn't the reason to mark some hardware as "bad quality".


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