[Asterisk-ss7] SS7 Information

janvb at caselaboratories.com janvb at caselaboratories.com
Thu Jan 5 08:13:49 CST 2006

Matthew Crocker wrote:

>> This is assuming that you only want to do signalling. No voice etc.
> The only thing SS7 does is signaling,  Obviously you'll need enough  
> bearer channels to handle your voice traffic which occur on a  
> completely different trunk group.  A single 56kbps SS7 A-link can  
> easily handle thousands of call creations per second.

A very common usage is actually 1 D channel for a link and the other as 
B channels on the same E1. Mostly channel 16 as well. Depens on size of 
node and what you are using it for!

> The Digium SS7 stack I was referring to was  LIBISUP  http://www.voip- 
> info.org/wiki/index.php?page=Asterisk+ss7+LIBISUP

Don't know this ?


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