[Asterisk-ss7] SS7 Information

janvb at caselaboratories.com janvb at caselaboratories.com
Thu Jan 5 07:02:07 CST 2006

Matthew Crocker wrote:

> 200 simultaneous calls can EASILY be handled by a single 56kbps SS7  
> link.  You'll need 2 links for redundancy but a single link can  
> handle several thousand call creations per second, thousands of  
> simultaneous calls.  The E1 card you plan on using depends on your  
> SS7 stack.  I think the Digium E1 card supports the Digium SS7 stack  
> which is only available on the commercial asterisk (as far as I know).

This is assuming that you only want to do signalling. No voice etc.


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