[asterisk-ss7] TR: TE110P RJ45 pin schema for E1 connexion?

LURAMOS at bouyguestelecom.fr LURAMOS at bouyguestelecom.fr
Wed Feb 1 09:54:07 MST 2006


I've installed a TE110P card on our Asterisk server in order to connect
it over a E1 link to a PABX.
The question is : how should the pins be connected ?. I believe pins 1,
2 & 4 and 5 are to be used, but which is what (Transmission, Reception)
from the card point of view ? Has anybody got a pin schema ?
For the moment being, the led in the TE110P card is  blinking red
after several cabling trials (a cable is linking the card to the E1 line
and I've followed the quick instructions in order to install the driver,
the modules and so on).  I suppose that the led should be  green once
the cabling is OK, is that right?  What is the meaning of the led
(green, red, blinking...)? 
Thank you in advance.
Luis Ramos, Bouygues Telecom, France


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