[asterisk-ss7] libss7 Status Update

Matthew Fredrickson creslin at digium.com
Wed Aug 23 09:51:51 MST 2006

Hey all, just wanted to let anybody know that attempted to test 
libss7/asterisk-ss7 this last weekend, that if you had any build 
problems, they should be resolved now.  In the course of some major 
merges that went into asterisk-trunk this last weekend, automerge 
failed on most of the developer branches (including my asterisk-ss7 
branch).  I just got it fixed this morning, so everything should work 
now and build properly.

For the record, in case nobody noticed, thanks to Luciano Ramos on the 
asterisk-ss7 list, libss7 was tested and successfully was able to 
receive a call on a Siemens EWSD switch running the ITU variant of SS7. 
  I added a section to the README file which gives the tested switch 
types that I have tested libss7 on.  As soon as we got that done, I 
started working on circuit blocking/unblocking support.  That should be 
in the asterisk-ss7 branch now to be tested.  I still haven't gotten an 
ANSI link to work on, so that is still in the works, however I seem to 
be getting a lot of good feedback and interest from everybody for 
testing.  Also, if nobody noticed the message I wrote this last week, I 
added another option to zapata.conf called defaultdpc which is for 
layer4 message routing, in case your desired destination point code is 
not the same as your adjacent node's point code (i.e. you have an STP 
or something between you and the remote end of your bearer channels, or 
simple A link support).  That's pretty much all I can remember for now, 
but I'll try to keep the feature list documented in the README file for 
libss7.  For all of you that offered links and resources, thanks again! 
  You have been a tremendous help. Stay tuned for more soon :-)

Matthew Fredrickson

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