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Thu Aug 3 14:36:32 MST 2006

Is it planned to implement this features?

Thanks a lot


On Mon, 24 Jul 2006 asterisk at nicox.org wrote:

> Do anybody know, if its possible to have one SS7-Link and 2 
> which are using only one link (1 SS7-Link and 4 E1 on the first asterisk 
and 4
> E1 on the second one)

Not at this moment. There is no 'routing' facility which could be used to
make such a setup. You could use two 4-span cards in one box though.

> Another Question, i have a least cost routing and 2 different routings
> from my telco, is it possible to set in the Dialplan to which SPAN the
> call should be routed? The Problem, i get only one SS7 Signalling link
> from my telco in case of costs.

No unfortunately not at this moment. Inside chan_ss7, all channels are
considered one big span.

Mvh. Jacob

Jacob Tinning
System Developer                                           SIFIRA A/S

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