[asterisk-ss7] 24bit point codes ANSI

Isamar Maia isamar at gmail.com
Wed Apr 12 17:42:53 MST 2006


I need that also.
Can you share these patches?
>From where can I download the Peter's Patches?



2006/4/13, Tom Chandler <tchandle at eastex.net>:
> Using patches from Peter with TeleCom-DesignGroup and changes that I found
> in testing, I have a 24 bit point code(ANSI) ss7 module that will load, and
> align the signaling link.
> Next problem is I am getting a T22 timeout and the circuit group acknowledge
> is not working correcting so all of my voice channels are in reset pending.
> More debug to find that problem.
> With progress comes problems......
> Tom Chandler
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