[Asterisk-ss7] Re: Let us design an open source SS7 interface for Asterisk

Angel Diaz adiaz at sinergis.com
Fri May 13 07:58:26 CDT 2005

Lets do this:
1-    Is it possible to develope on GLP ?
2-    In case the answer is "NO"; What can we do then?
3-    In case the answer is "YES"; We have to decide:
            - Create the SS7 stack as a module in the asterisk ?
            - Create as an external library ?
            - etc, etc.

What user part of the SS7 the people need; ISUP,  TCAP, TUP, etc?
If we take statistics, about what the people ask for ... it is ISUP, because
they need to interconect to the PSTN, Cellular Network or other ...

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