[Asterisk-ss7] Let us design an open source SS7 interface for Asterisk

Andrew Edem andrew at kaxis.cx
Thu May 12 19:49:20 CDT 2005

But what's the point of putting TCAP in asterisk? Are you planning on
writing applications for asterisk that use TCAP? Or, do you want
asterisk to be an SCP?

Personally, I think most people out there would like to see asterisk be
able to terminate calls to SS7 networks. For that, you only need ISUP.


On Thu, May 12, 2005 at 04:33:20PM -0400, Matthew Crocker wrote:
> >
> >My idea is to create a generic interface for asterisk to
> >access ISUP applications via sockets. The idea would be to
> >create an ISUP library similar to libPRI, but, instead of talking
> >directly over a zap device, communicate via RPC. That way it would be
> >very easy to build a middleware solution to have asterisk use Aculab
> >cards, openSS7, or something like that. And, since fundamentally,
> >asterisk is never going to use anything except ISUP, it doesn't  
> >need to
> >know about MTP2/MTP3/SCCP/etc.
> >
> I would include ISUP & TCAP.  Ideally I would rather have my SS7 A- 
> links terminate in a purpose built box (ss7box, Cisco 2600 with ss7  
> software).  I would want Asterisk to handle the ISUP/TCAP over IP  
> (SIGTRAN ??).   I think it will be nearly impossible to get Asterisk- 
> ss7 certified by an RBOC for interconnect to their network.  Without  
> certification it is only good as a toy in a lab scenario.   Using an  
> existing box (cisco) would make the certification process much  
> easier, unnessesary.
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