[Asterisk-ss7] SS7 technical hurdles

Christopher Bergström cbergstrom at netsyncro.com
Fri Dec 9 15:17:51 CST 2005

Trying to do my homework in regards to SS7 interconnects.  I've pasted a
blurb from a blog below.

Calls inbound from and outbound to the ANSI PSTN over an SS7
inter-machine trunk were made using the
Sangoma-ss7box-Woomerang-Asterisk combination. This is a significant
milestone in a project that has been discussed and planned since
mid-year 2003.

The combination looks good, but I have yet to dig further.. As advised
in prior discussion the best way to maximize channels/cost with Asterisk
tied in the middle was Lucent Max TNT + SER + Asterisk.. This was doing
a standard PRI interconnect.  I do imagine the reference to Sangoma
hardware wasn't the A104d was it? I have to openly admit that I need to
do a lot more homework on SS7 protocol and open to ideas or references.
It then becomes a big question in terms of what is the best way to do
codec translations and how to avoid stability problems,
incompatibilities (Cisco) and building redundancy.  (This is not even to
mention the application configuration requirements.)

I'm open to ideas or even quotes from consultants.

Sales people/consultants feel free to contact me off list.


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