[asterisk-dev] Removing configure from tree

Joshua C. Colp jcolp at sangoma.com
Wed May 3 14:48:25 CDT 2023

Greetings all,

Sean Bright brought up on IRC the removal of configure from git. This may
be impactful since some users (not necessarily developers) may not
understand the build system when building from branches (not tags or
releases) and become confused when configure is not present which is why I
disagreed with doing so on IRC. I'm curious though what others think of
such a change. I think to be acceptable it would need:

1. To regenerate configure if configure.ac has been changed, so that
developers don't have a stale configure
2. To provide instructions if configure is not present and "make" is run,
I'm on the fence on automatically running it
3. Releases (and tags) would need to have a generated configure in them


Joshua C. Colp
Asterisk Project Lead
Sangoma Technologies
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