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Fri Jul 28 14:52:52 CDT 2023

On 7/24/2023 8:27 AM, George Joseph wrote:
>     Only one at the time... I just found an extra period in
>     Makefile..inc in
>     the latest README, but haven't noticed anything else.
> Not seeing it.  Probably fixed already.

It's at the very bottom of the README:
> If you're always going to build just 1 branch's dynamic documentation, 
> you can skip the Makefile..inc file and just place everything in the 
> main Makefile.inc:

The first Makefile..inc has an extra period.... world's least important 

>     > Makefile.inc:
>     > ASTERISK_XML_FILE := <path>/core-en_US.xml
>     > SKIP_ARI := yes
>     > BRANCHES := 20
>     Got it - this makes a lot more sense now! And yes, you read my
>     mind, I
>     don't care about ARI so that did the trick. I noticed the no-mike
>     branch
>     no longer exists, but looks like it was merged into main now, so I
>     gave
>     that a go and it got much further (sorry, I know it's been a while
>     and I
>     wasn't able to test this quickly).
>     Couldn't have asked for an easier process! It seems like I can just
>     clone the repo, copy my Makefile.inc in there, and run make. The
>     above
>     was on a relatively fast CPU, but it seems it shouldn't take
>     longer than
>     maybe 2 minutes.
>     The result is a 1.6 GB directory, 
> Eh what?  When I build everything, temp/site is only 574M.  Maybe need 
> to clean everything out or is your own stuff just that big?

No, I probably screwed it up somehow; "make clean" didn't remove any of 
the generated files, but it didn't give me a target error so I just 
assumed that would do what it needed to do. This time I explicitly did 
an rm -rf temp/site beforehand to ensure it would be clean.

>      From what I tried initially, I should be able to solve this by
>     deleting
>     everything in the docs directory except index.md and the favicon,
>     which
>     ensures that there simply is no static content to build. That should
>     bring down both the size and the build time. I don't mind doing
>     that at
>     all, just wondering is there a good way to not build the static
>     content,
>     or would that be the best way?
> Do a git pull :)
> You should now be able to do...
> "make BRANCH=master NO_STATIC=yes"
> You can add NO_STATIC=yes to your makefile.inc instead.
Thanks George! This looks much more promising:

root at debian11:/usr/src/documentation# rm -rf temp/site/
root at debian11:/usr/src/documentation# make BRANCH=20
Creating ./temp/build-20
Setting Up Core Dynamic Documentation for branch '20'
   Generating markdown from Asterisk XML
Building to ./temp/site
INFO     -  Cleaning site directory
INFO     -  Building documentation to directory: 
INFO     -  Documentation built in 15.67 seconds

Now it's only 230 MB in total. The site builds quickly and it's exactly 
what I was looking for when I opened it up - perfect!

Circling back to one other thing now that this seems good to go, what 
exactly did you change for reducing the file sizes / is that included in 
the current iteration, without mike? I'm still seeing a lot of 
extraneous whitespace in the pages. 244 KB per page isn't huge, but just 
at a cursory glance, I think we could probably cut the size 10-20% just 
by getting rid of the whitespace. In some places, there are just 
hundreds of newlines in a row for no reason. If this is just what the 
tool generates, I understand that, we don't have any control over that, 
just wanted to know. We could remove it all pretty easily with sed 
probably, and think could be a final "post processing" step in the 
Makefile, run recursively on all files. What do you think?

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