[asterisk-dev] Python 3 test suite

Michael Bradeen mbradeen at sangoma.com
Wed Jul 13 11:13:51 CDT 2022

Hi Folks,

There is currently a review on gerrit for the asterisk test suite running
with Python 3.  This review is against a new development branch based on
asterisk 16.  The targeted minimum requirements are Python 3.6.8 on
Centos7.  The python package requirements have been moved to a pair of text
files for use with a python virtual environment.  A new branch of starpy
has also been crated (1.1) - but if you use the virtual environment as
intended this will be handled as part of that process.

More information is on the now live wiki page:

I've opened up a forum topic for general questions, but am also available
by email:

Currently the working version only exists within the review, so if you find
a specific issue it can be raised as a comment on the review.  Eventually
we will work out of the dev branch until it's time to move to the main

Please also note that this is *not* backwards compatible with python 2.x.
If you wish to use both side-by-side, the easiest way is to run the P3
version from within a virtual environment.

Tests that are currently known failures due to the migration are skipped
with a 'Python3-issues" tag.

Thanks everyone, I look forward to hearing from you!

*Michael Bradeen*
+1 920-886-8130  <+19208868130>  ext. 6828
mbradeen at sangoma.com
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