[asterisk-dev] Manual endpoint registration

Jaco Kroon jaco at uls.co.za
Mon Oct 25 10:11:00 CDT 2021

Hi Luke,

If you're in a position to migrate astdb along with the instance.  So
what we have is astdb in ramdisk, upon *clean* asterisk shutdown we copy
that to a clustered filesystem, and prior to startup clone that back
onto ramdisk.

This works for chan_sip at least.

You can presumably make periodic backups of the astdb onto clustered
media if you're trying to protect against a crash.

Entire system is set up to not have to worry about the ephemeral nature
of astdb, so even if we lose it completely everything will recover
within 10 minutes, which (for us) is an acceptable risk for the complete
failure use-case.

Kind Regards,

On 2021/10/25 17:02, Luke Escudé wrote:

> Strange question, but we have a pretty valid use case:
> Is there a way to "tell" asterisk where a registered device is
> located? Basically force-register the device, so that Asterisk thinks
> the device has registered the "normal" way?
> Use case: Our cluster of Asterisks will move Asterisk instances around
> various datacenters to maximize uptime, quality, etc. Whenever
> Asterisk starts back up, it has no knowledge of devices registered
> during its previous existence. So, our SIP Proxy will iterate through
> all registrations and proxy the REGISTER packets to Asterisk. However
> I am looking for a better way to do this, like reaching directly into
> the AstDB or something to "put" the devices in memory.
> *Luke **Escudé*
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