[asterisk-dev] A question about attended transfers

Nikša Baldun it at voxdiversa.hr
Fri Oct 15 02:08:50 CDT 2021


I am writing a patch which allows running channels involved in attended 
transfer through dialplan.

(transferee) <-> (to_transferee)(to_transfer_target) <-> 

Am I correct in the following assumptions:

- When attended transfer is executed, "to_transferee" channel is going 
to be hung up and forgotten about

- The "transferee" channel is going to be masqueraded into 
"to_transfer_target" channel. So there is no point in running 
"transferee" channel through dialplan, because it will inherit 
properties of "to_transfer_target" channel.

I am unsure what exactly happens on masquerade. Are all channel 
properties transferred, like dynamic features, call and pickup groups, 
volume etc?

Best regards,


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