[asterisk-dev] Packet Loss Concealment in confbridge

Pascal Cadotte pcm at wazo.io
Thu Oct 14 14:36:25 CDT 2021

Hello everyone,

We've been trying to improve the quality of our video conferences using
confbridge. We've been able to figure out how to get the video usable for
all participants even for users using bad internet connections using the
REMB configuration options.

However, we are still having problems getting decent audio when there's
packet loss. We think this is because PLC is not used for channels in
confbridge. We found that information in this page
https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/AST/PLC+Restrictions+and+Caveats "In
addition, MeetMe and ConfBridge calls will not use PLC."

We are looking into ways to improve this situation and would like to gather
some information about this restriction before working on it.

1. Does anyone know why PLC has not been implemented for meetme and
2. Is there a known workaround to allow a channel to have PLC enabled while
being in confbridge?
3. Is it a problem many people have? I've only seen this question that
seems to be related
4. Is there something in progress that we could contribute to?

The tests have been made using the opus codec, PJSIP on a WSS transport on
Asterisk 18.6.0.

Given two users Alice and Bob
Given a 10% paquet loss on Alice
When Alice and Bob are talking through confbridge Bob hears a lot of
When Alice and Bob are talking to each other using the Dial application to
call Bob's phone, the call quality is almost flawless


- Pascal Cadotte Michaud
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