[asterisk-dev] How to debug config-file parsing? Or XML documentation?

Alexander Traud pabstraud at compuserve.com
Wed Aug 25 05:10:32 CDT 2021


Currently, I try to debug the above issue, just to understand Asterisk a bit better. However, if you spot the cause, do not hesitate to patch or comment at that issue. If I have to continue with that issue, I have to understand more:

Is there any documentation, how configuration files can be loaded? Currently, I am debugging an issue in the module app_agent_pool which parses the configuration file agents.conf.

To be honest (and looking at other modules which parse configuration files), I do not understand how (sub)sections (categories?) are parsed/expected/defined in source code. I looked at other modules and got even more confused. If you do not know the answer to that one, you might be able to help me otherwise:

Asterisk manipulates the XML documentation at runtime. If I am not mistaken, it adds links (XPath). Is there any way to debug what is added exactly, how the current XML file changes?

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