[asterisk-dev] ADSI

asterisk at phreaknet.org asterisk at phreaknet.org
Sun Apr 25 21:10:37 CDT 2021

I noticed earlier this week that app_adsiprog, app_getcpeid, and 
res_adsi are deprecated as of 16 and currently scheduled for removal in 
19. I thought maybe this referred to older or certain parts of the code, 
but I've since been corrected that it's actually all ADSI functionality 
that exists in Asterisk.

I recognize that it's likely one of the lesser used Asterisk features 
out there, but I think it adds value and is functionality I'm looking to 
leverage more, making this inopportune timing. Removing this 
functionality and relying on patches to add it back in doesn't seem like 
a feasible long-run solution, so I'd like to see this functionality stay 
there to the extent that it's possible.

At this point, Sangoma is not maintaining ADSI in Asterisk - which I am 
perfectly fine with. It's not really something that I see evolving or 
changing in the future. That said, the functionality provides some 
utility and it would be a real shame if it were removed. This isn't like 
SIP, where PJSIP is theoretically a full replacement for it. It's a 
removal of functionality, which is very different, and limits what 
Asterisk can do. More capabilities increases its flexibility and power.

In an earlier discussion on the Asterisk community forum, one takeaway 
seems to be that the cost of keeping it is essentially maintenance, such 
as making sure that new versions of GCC don't cause it to stop building 
and stuff like that. To the extent that I'm able to help with that, I'm 
happy to do so if that's what's required.

Anyone else using ADSI or have any thoughts on this? If there are other 
painpoints, I'd be interested in hearing those, too. Thanks!


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