[asterisk-dev] EVS codec for Asterisk 16

sean darcy seandarcy2 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 2 12:09:55 CDT 2020

On 8/23/20 6:02 AM, Michael Maier wrote:
> Hello!
> Alexander Traud provided patches for Asterisk 13 for the EVS codec[1]. Those patches can be applied to Asterisk 16, too. I attached a tar file, which contains all patches from
> Alexander in one file and a spec file for building the evs codec library from www.etsi.org (tested on CentOS 7).
> At first, you have to build the lib3gpp-evs library with
> rpmbuild -ba lib3gpp-evs.spec
> This creates 4 packages: a src, a devel and the library package itself and the corresponding debuginfo package.
> On the machine, you are building Asterisk at next, you have to install the library and the devel package. On the machine Asterisk runs, you only need the library package.
> To build Asterisk, you have to apply the evs-asterisk.16.patch (which contains all changes necessary in one patch file as described at [1] - the patch here wants to have this
> patch[2] already applied before). Any further information how to build Asterisk after the patch file has been applied can be found here[1].
> If all went fine, there are at the end two more modules in /usr/lib64/asterisk/modules:
> codec_evs.so
> res_format_attr_evs.so
> After restarting of Asterisk, you can check if everything went fine by:
> asterisk -r
> core show codecs
> (-> evs must be part of the list)
> core show translation
> (evs must be part of the list)
> After adding the codec to be allowed for a trunk, you may test it - I couldn't test it so far, because I didn't have any device using the evs codec.
> Thanks
> Michael
> [1] https://github.com/traud/asterisk-evs
> [2] https://www.mail-archive.com/asterisk-dev@lists.digium.com/msg45213.html

Thanks for the patches. All seemed to go smoothly:

ls  /usr/lib64/asterisk/modules/*evs.so


core show codecs
       ID TYPE  NAME         FORMAT           DESCRIPTION
        4 audio evs          evs              (3GPP EVS)
        1 audio amr          amr              (AMR)
        2 audio amrwb        amrwb            (AMR-WB)

But "core show translation" does not show evs (or amr, which I also built):

core show translation
          Translation times between formats (in microseconds) for one 
second of data
           Source Format (Rows) Destination Format (Columns)

            ulaw  alaw   gsm  g726 g726aal2 adpcm slin8 slin12 slin16 
slin24 slin32 slin44 slin48 slin96 slin192 lpc10 speex8 speex16 speex32 
ilbc  g722 siren7 siren14 testlaw  opus silk8 silk12 silk16 silk24

Any suggestions?


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