[asterisk-dev] Dialplan pre-bridge handlers

Nikša Baldun it at voxdiversa.hr
Tue Jul 21 04:30:57 CDT 2020

I suspected there might be a catch. So far, our dabbling in Asterisk 
code consists of some patches, mostly for our internal use, and a small 
Asterisk module. It didn't take us long to figure out how to make a 
module, even with limited documentation, but this looks an order of 
magnitude more difficult.

On 21. 07. 2020. 10:58, Joshua C. Colp wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 21, 2020 at 3:52 AM Nikša Baldun <it at voxdiversa.hr 
> <mailto:it at voxdiversa.hr>> wrote:
>     Thanks for the reply, Joshua. It would definitely be useful. I
>     took a look at FreePBX code to see how they handle call recordings
>     in my example scenario, and apparently they call a PHP script from
>     dialplan, which then controls recording via AMI connection. An
>     awful lot of effort, not to mention a performance hit. I am
>     guessing they wouldn't do it if there was any other way.
>     I am not surprised that this functionality does not exist, I know
>     that Asterisk development is difficult, but I am surprised there
>     was no talk about it. I might take a crack at this myself if my
>     schedule clears up. I am thinking, pre-bridge handlers already
>     exist, and methodology for pushing handlers onto a channel already
>     exists. So one could figure it out with some effort. Or am I being
>     naive?
> Each provider of such functionality does its own parsing, handling of 
> any other channel, but does call a common function. The pushing of 
> handlers isn't generic or anything, so it would have to be copied.
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