[asterisk-dev] Dialplan pre-bridge handlers

Nikša Baldun it at voxdiversa.hr
Fri Jul 17 04:04:12 CDT 2020


I have been using Asterisk for years, and the one thing that I believe 
is sorely missing, but I can't find any mention of it on the Internet, 
and that is pushable pre-bridge handlers. In current setup, there are 
following limitations:

1. Pre-bridge handler can only be attached to the B-leg channel, not the 
A-leg channel.

2. The handler will only be executed before a bridge resulting from Dial 
application, but a channel can be bridged multiple times during its 
lifetime (by SIP attended transfer, for example).

So, for example, if I want to turn call recording on/off depending on 
who the channel is bridged to, there is no way to do that via dialplan 
(that I know of).

There is a possibility to attach hangup handlers to any channel by using 
CHANNEL(hangup_handler_push), but no similar feature for pre-bridge 
handlers, which are much more important, IMO. So, has there been any 
discussion among developers about this topic?

Best regards.

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