[asterisk-dev] Proposal for New Major Version Process Change

Joshua C. Colp jcolp at sangoma.com
Mon Jul 13 04:48:34 CDT 2020

On Wed, Jul 8, 2020 at 6:34 PM Matthew Fredrickson <creslin at digium.com>

> On Wed, Jul 8, 2020 at 8:29 AM Joshua C. Colp <jcolp at sangoma.com> wrote:
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> > On Wed, Jul 8, 2020 at 10:24 AM Dan Jenkins <dan at nimblea.pe> wrote:
> >>
> >
> >
> > I'm sorry, I didn't quite hear you. Did you say "no"? :D
> >
> >>
> >> I never really got why it was done like it was...
> >
> >
> > Yeah, I don't really recall why either. I think it originates from a
> time where we were still early to testing and didn't have confidence in
> things as much, still finding our footing.
> >
> >>
> >> I agree, 4-6 weeks is good. If someone's going to take the time to
> upgrade to an 18 RC then they'll be looking to test it and give feedback
> etc etc so you don't need a huge amount of time... just enough to actually
> action bug fixes and then release new RCs with those bug fixes
> >
> >
> > Indeed. Even before cutting the RC we'll be testing it and such too.
> This sounds like a good idea and definitely removes some of the
> complications around keeping branches in sync at that time.
> I'd be a fan of the 6 weeks side of things for major releases.

It sounds like everyone is on board with this proposal so I see no qualm
with giving it a try this time. Unless any concerns come up before
Wednesday then on Wednesday the Asterisk 18 branch will be cut, but the
18.0 branch will not. Changes will continue to flow into the Asterisk 18
branch as appropriate. Since this is the first time we're trying this I see
no reason we can't do 6 weeks for finalizing things, so 6 weeks before
release time the release candidates will be cut and made available.

Thanks everyone for your feedback!

Joshua C. Colp
Asterisk Technical Lead
Sangoma Technologies
Check us out at www.sangoma.com and www.asterisk.org
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