[asterisk-dev] Proposal for New Major Version Process Change

Michael L. Young myoung at acsacc.com
Wed Jul 8 10:44:35 CDT 2020

----- On Jul 8, 2020, at 8:20 AM, Joshua C. Colp <jcolp at sangoma.com> wrote: 

| I'd like to propose that instead of cutting the 18.0 branch on July 15th we
| simply cut the 18 branch, and that it continues to receive all bug fixes.
| Approximately a month before a target release of 18.0.0 we create the first
| release candidate, 18.0.0-rc1. At this time we also create release candidates
| of the other branches. All release candidates will then be left available for a
| prolonged period of time to give people ample time to test. On the release date
| all will be released, ensuring that all branches including 18 have the same set
| of bug fixes as appropriate to their version.

| This removes the confusion for developers over whether to include a fix, since
| the 18.0 branch won't exist until rc1 at which point normal cherry pick rules
| apply. This also eliminates the confusion experienced by users since all
| releases will be on the same page at the same time at release.

| What do people think? Do we believe that a month out is ample enough? The 18
| branch itself will exist, so that can be used for early testing (and likely
| will be). If a month isn't enough it could be moved out further. Really I think
| thanks to the testing that happens and the code review I don't think we need as
| long of a stabilization period as has been needed in the past, so this helps
| shrink it.

The proposal sounds very reasonable. Yes, with all the testing that is in the project now, a month should be good enough. 

Michael L. Young 
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